Station Information

RX Frequency 434.2250 MHz
TX Frequency 434.2250 MHz
Location Celle
Hardware MMDVM_DV4MF2
Firmware V2.1.01a
Sysops DL2MF
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DL0CN is part of the following regions. More information about Regions.

Talkgroup Name
TG 2623 DL Niedersachsen


The usage of reflectors is allowed by the sysops of DL0CN. More information about reflectors.


DL0CN is a member of the cluster 4011 - Heide/Celle More information about clusters.


TalkGroups on TS 1 other than TG262. More information about TalkGroups.

Talkgroup Name Allowed
TG 91 Worldwide allowed
TG 92 Europa allowed
TG 232 Österreich allowed
TG 262 Deutschland allowed
TG 920 D-A-CH allowed

On Demand Groups

The usage of External Dynamic/User activated talkgroups are not allowed by the sysops of DL0CN. Internal On Demand Groups are always allowed. More information about On Demand Groups.

Talkgroup Name TimeSlot Type Allowed
TG 204 Niederlande 1 External Denied
TG 206 Belgien 1 External Denied
TG 208 Frankreich 1 External Denied
TG 214 Spanien 1 External Denied
TG 222 Italien 1 External Denied
TG 228 Schweiz 1 Internal Allowed
TG 232 Österreich 1 Internal Allowed
TG 235 Grossbritannien 1 External Denied
TG 238 Dänemark 1 External Denied
TG 240 Schweden 1 External Denied
TG 242 Norwegen 1 External Denied
TG 244 Finnland 1 External Denied
TG 255 Ukraine 1 External Denied
TG 260 Polen 1 External Denied
TG 270 Luxemburg 1 External Denied


DV4MF2 with DVMEGA (Betarelease)
Hotspot Testbetrieb with Dummyload



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